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Private classes

This kind of classes is for them who want to start swimming for a short period of time. Private classes allow the coach notice your mistakes at once and and, therefore, immediately correct them. Method name speaks for itself. Coach throughout the training will work with you purely individual.

All your movements will be controlled by the coach. This method allows to correct rowing deeper, more clearly refine the technique, and focus more on breathing exercises. Endurance and speed swimming depends on the technique of diving and correct formulation of breathing under water.

At individual classes we teach you what yourself want - to swim, to dive, to master swimming style, to overcome fear of depths, etc. The main thing is your personal desire, and we try to implement it together.

Classes are conducted by a professional swimming coach. For all questions, please call:

+375 (29) 703 93 90
+375 (44) 703 93 90